About The Owners

Rollin’ Truck Stop is owned and operated by Richard “Rev” Blain and his wife, Lia “Sea Turtle” Blain.

Rev started his career driving professionally over 25 years ago. He has been both a Company Driver, and an Owner Operator. Rev has also driven in the Oil Field. Rev is politically active at the local, state, and national level spending most of his life fighting for justice throughout the US, including within the Trucking Industry. Rev is an Ordained Pastor and a formally-trained Executive Chef. Currently, Rev is working as an Instructor at a local CDL training center and is in College working on his Law degree.

Rev’s wife, Sea Turtle, has a Bachelor of Science degree in management, is an accomplished artist, and loves the ocean. Sea Turtle has taken an active role in supporting Rev’s career as a Driver, from sending dehydrated home-cooked meals in the truck with him to accompanying him over the road while home-schooling their kids. She delights in sharing the knowledge she has gained with other Truck Drivers’ wives and contributing to Rollin’ Truck Stop.

Together they run five businesses and two non-profits. They live and work in East Texas, along with three of their four children, two dogs, and a cat.

Our Vision

Rev and Sea Turtle have seen first hand the decline of respect and treatment of Professional Drivers. We can all agree that even the “Truck Stop” is gone and has been replaced by the “Travel Center”. Drivers are now pushed to the back of the line and forced to pay insane prices for the privilege of parking and spending their hard-earned money in the Travel Center’s store, restaurants, and fuel islands. Box Stores ticket, tow, and boot trucks for parking in their parking lots while the Drivers are inside the store, again, spending their hard-earned money. For the Trucker there is no escape from the constant line of Government officials, repair shops, travel centers, and even the companies they work for all with their hand in the Driver’s pocket, until now!

The reason Rev and Sea Turtle started Rollin’ Truck Stop is to give Drivers a place to come that is just for them, a place they are respected and revered, a place they can get the things they need and want to live and work on the road, without being robbed blind. The development of Rollin’ Truck Stop is bringing back the Truck Stop of old in a new and innovative way.

The Drivers that shop at Rollin’ Truck Stop will always come first. We know your time is precious and it is for that reason we work hard to make your shopping (Finding the items you need and want) to checkout time fast.

We listen to our Drivers! If you don’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call, text, or email. Let us know what you are looking for, and if we don’t already carry it we will immediately start looking for that product and do everything we can to get it on our site. We want you to know we are truly dedicated to you, the American Truck Driver. If you ever have any feedback, good or bad, we want to hear from you.


One day we are going to build brick and mortar TRUCK STOPS where the Trucker comes first every time. It all starts here with Rollin’ Truck Stop!”

-Rich "Rev" Blain

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About Rocket, Our SpokesDog

Hi, my name is Rocket and I’m the Rollin’ Truck Stop SpokesDog!

When I was eight weeks old, I was adopted by the Blain family (that was in 2013). Rev was an over the road Trucker and my job was to protect the family as we traveled together in the truck. I loved living in the truck and I loved seeing new places. One of my favorite things to do was sit in Sea Turtle’s lap and watch the road go by. Sometimes I would get to meet other truck dogs and that was really exciting! Us truck dogs are pretty special – it’s not often that dogs get to travel the country and see new sights (and smells) every day.

When Rev and Sea Turtle started Rollin' Truck Stop I retired from over-the-road work and started my modeling career for the business. You’ll see me in different places on the website showing off the cool trucking products we sell.

Everything you need to live and work on the road!