Make Trucking Great Again!

Rollin’ Truck Stop is dedicated to you, Drivers, and we take that part of our job seriously. This is why we started the Make Trucking Great Again Mission Initiative. Rollin' Truck Stop has covered the cost of all merchandise under the MTGA Brand, so when you buy anything with Make Trucking Great Again on it, every cent goes to fight for Driver's Rights!

Rollin’ Truck Stop and its owners, Rev and Sea Turtle, have seen first hand the debilitating regulations on drivers by the FMCSA, DOT, and state governments, all the while allowing companies, brokers, shippers, and receivers to go essentially untethered. This needs to stop!

The Vision

No longer will brokers rake in 50-90% of what shippers or receivers pay for loads. No more will companies demand or manipulate Drivers to break the law, threatening the Driver’s jobs if they don’t, then leaving them helpless when they get caught. No longer will the DOT treat Drivers like criminals, relieving them, in most cases, of a month’s pay for every fine. No longer will shippers and receivers be able to delay Drivers from picking up or delivering loads for hours while the Driver goes without pay for that time.

So what is the MAKE TRUCKING GREAT AGAIN mission?

Simply put, with the proceeds from the sale of MTGA gear, Rollin' Truck Stop will:

Send representatives to Washington DC to confront and meet with members of the US Congress to demand changes.

Meet with and demand that the President of the United States intercede on behalf of Drivers.

Sue federal and state agencies for unconstitutional regulations and laws.

Spread awareness in every state.

Mission Goals

Deregulation of Drivers within the trucking industry

Regulate broker commissions on loads to less than 10%

Regulate loaded and unload times at shippers and receivers

Regulate load per-mile minimum rate

Regulate a driver minimum wage

Regulate support businesses to stop price gouging

Pass the “Safe Park” Law (Link will be provided soon) making it a criminal offense for anyone to interfere with the duties of, harass, intimidate, or threaten the driver of a parked commercial vehicle.

Pass common sense laws requiring states CDL examiners to be licensed CDL holders

Make it a criminal offense to subvert Drivers' constitutionally-protected right to make a living. Note: More information will be provided specifically about this goal in the coming months.

Pass a law (Name TBD) making it illegal for shippers or receivers not to have basic CLEAN facilities for drivers' use

If you have any input please feel free to contact us through our contact page or use the form below to contact Rev directly:

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